I watched this beautiful video on YouTube:


As an artist I loved hearing it and watching the beautiful visuals but I needed to SEE the words, so I laboriously played it over and over till I had written down the words!  (I may have a few errors)

I am trying to find out the name of the young man who wrote and narrates this video.  I want to thank him for his service in sharing with all of us.  When I find out I will give him credit on this page.

I am sharing the words for you to read and it will help you prepare your own way to communicate with your Heavenly Father.

Stillness is a spiritual practice intended to bring you closer to God and God closer to you.  It combines a meditative technique and communion with God.  Ideally it should be practiced daily for a minimum of 30 minutes to one hour.  During your time in the stillness you are building a personal relationship with God by spending time with him.

As our practice continues you will gradually begin to feel the presence and love of God around and within you.  In addition your faith will grow as you learn to trust in the inner guidance you will receive.  The more you share your inner life with Him the more love health and happiness you will find.

To help you get started:

Stillness has been divided within 7 steps:

Physical Stillness

Mental Relaxation

Dialogue with God




The Embrace.

Think of yourself as climbing a ladder of concentration to the highest levels possible.

This level is where your inner spirit of God dwells.  The higher you climb the closer you are to your inner Spirit.

The more time you spend in the company of this Divine Spirit within you the more you will feel His love joy peace and happiness.  Each time you descend the ladder after, you will bring back a little more of these to your life.

Each step will consist of 3 steps

1st-  the goal

2nd- the example

3rd-  your own experience


Now let us turn our attention before God and begin our practice of stillness;

Step 1.

Physical stillness

    It is very important to be physically relaxed during stillness.  If you are not ...pain or discomfort will eventually disturb you.

    To help you I will take you through a relaxation check list:

Find a comfortable place to sit, take off your shoes

Lie down if you prefer, but I recommend sitting in the beginning.

Legs uncrossed

Spine straight

Arms on chair or on your lap

Take 3 deep breaths  count to five slowly exhale.

Wiggle toes --  let feet relax

Flex muscles in each leg 2 or 3 times till you feel all tension is gone.

Wiggle your hips in a circular motion till you feel all tensions released.

Roll your shoulders a few times and straighten your back.

Flex your arm muscles a few times and be sure your arms are extended and not clinched in a fist.

Roll your head in a circular motion to right side twice and to left side twice.

Let your head tilt slightly forward or keep it straight up whichever you prefer

Squint your closed eyes 2 or 3 times to be sure you are not leaving them in a squinted position.

If your hands or feet feel cold wiggle your toes a few seconds to improve circulation.

How do you feel? 

If you are properly relaxed you should sense your thoughts, your breathing and heart beat but you should be unaware of the rest of your body.

Now take 3 more deep breaths and release them slowly.

Become aware what it feels like to be completely relaxed.

Step 2

Mental stillness

Aside from your breathing and heart beat you should only be aware of your thoughts

(I can hear them now)  Oh that person at work sure got on my nerves...Is this stillness really going to work....)

Stop yourself- "Be still" I want to spend time with God"

I don't want to be disturbed now.

When you see your mind going to random thoughts just say, "Be Still"

Don't focus on them- let them go or send them away..

take control of your mind.

When you have wrestled all those thoughts out of your mind it becomes uncluttered.  Your body is relaxed..  But your mind is still alert.

Now you are ready to focus to being in the company of God.

Take time to release your thoughts and find mental stillness

Step 3

Dialogue with God

As you begin your Dialogue with God it is helpful to picture yourself in the presence of God.  While our creator seems far away a part of him is actually within you and this inner spirit represents God to you and you to God.

Realize that God has personality just like you do so he can love and be loved.  Are you a child sitting on his lap?  Sitting next to him on a bench?  Standing before him?  Walking beside him?  Whatever your image realize he is there with you, share your day with him:

Hello Father, it was an interesting day. I still struggle to understand this person at work...why did he yell at me to embarrass me at work?  I'm also concerned about my daughter she seems so negative.

Focus on the more important events of the day whether you see them as positive or negative or you see them as opportunities to learn.  You do the talking--God is listening.  Now begin your dialogue with God.

Step 4


As your conversation concludes it should generate several ideas for prayer for both yourself and others.  Simply look at what you and others need to become more spiritual.  As you formulate your prayer, picture yourself or the other person surrounded by light and love.

Here is an example:

I pray that you give the man who yelled at me a picture of how negative he was and help him to see......

Give those who helped me an invisible hug so they will know they did your will by helping me. 

I pray that I will learn to understand this person and not feel inferior because of this incident.

Let me feel your love to strengthen me.

Finally give my daughter mental images of the good things in this life so she can balance her tendencies to see only the negative in her life.

Focus on what you and others need to grow spiritually

Now it is time for you to pray

Step 5


I want you to remember the happiest most thankful moment in your life.

Was it as a child?

Was t as a parent with your children?

Did you feel the love when you helped someone?

When you felt happy because of the help of God or your angels?

Whatever it was, bring it into your consciousness now and focus on how you felt.

Remember the feeling and recreate it now.

How does it feel?

Realize the source of this feeling is God.  He allowed you to have this wonderful feeling and wants you to have it again.

And now you can have this feeling more and more as you share your life with God.

Bow to the Father in humble gratefulness that he is able to share his love with you.  Thank him for showing you the way.

This is worship- pure thanksgiving and praise.

Unlike prayer it asks for nothing in return.  It is your turn to just thank and praise our Father.

We all have difficulties with the physical material nature of existence, but now you should raise your awareness above these and focus on the good experiences of life.

Focus on those who have loved you and helped you and thank him for happiness and giving you life itself.

Here is an example.

Father besides my tendency to ficus on the difficulties of life I know your beauty, truth and goodness will eventually overcome all evil.

I know am beginning to glimpse my eternal destiny of living in peace and happiness and love.  I rejoice and humbly thank you for the gift of life.  Help me to remember and focus on this goodness.  Let me help others see the blessing in life.

Now you can begin your worship:

(I will inject my thoughts here:  As I focus on Father I think of his amazing attributes and his nurturing nature)

Step 7

The Embrace

It is possible to have an inexpressible experience of the love of God.   It is as if God has reached down and lifted you up to embrace you.  You felt the experience of pure Spirit and feelings of peace are overwhelming and there is no time or place. 

Such an overwhelming experience doesn't happen everyday but it is attainable.  Now is the time to just bask in the father's love.  Feel his love wash away your worries and replace them with peace.

The closer you come to the embrace of God the more loving and peaceful you will feel.  As you begin to know with certainty that God truly loves you all of your worries and concerns will not be so important. 

Picture yourself in the most loving environment you can image.

Remember the most loving moments in your life.

Here is an example:

You are in a peaceful meadow filled with beautiful flowers and the sun warms you as a gentle breeze kisses your face.

You are surrounded by smiling loving people who only want what is good for you.  Say in your mind I am your humble child and I see all the beauty you have created and I am overwhelmed.  Your goodness fills my heart.  Let me be a beacon of your light to all I meet.

I love you Father

Begin your embrace now.

After you have finished some time in the embrace you can conclude by saying a prayer or singing a song in your mind... (favorite or one you modified)

These are the 7 steps you can use in your practice of stillness.  As your relationship with God grows as you more readily share your life with Him you will find that you don't need to go through each step...for example...as you learn dialog and prayer more during the day.... after awhile you may not need to use those in practice, but may go directly to worship and silent listening and the embrace.

But always include those three steps in your stillness because those steps are where your receptivity to Gods indwelling Spirit is greatest.

When you conclude you will be relaxed at peace revitalized mentally clear and feel surrounded by a shield of Gods love.

If you were to become a master of this in your earthly existence you could live in every waking moment in this state of stillness.

But the longest journey is accomplished step by step

Not only will your journey become more enjoyable but your new companion will enlighten you and lighten your burdens. 32:58

I have been having - as I called it - my prayer, worship and listening time for many years, however in the past few years I was feeling my attempt was too repetitive.  I have wanted to communicate and be closer to the Spirit.  A few months ago I was thinking that we often say in prayers, in public and in private, “We pray Thy Spirit will be with us”, and I thought, why do we say that?  God’s SPIRIT IS with us all the time, but WE NEED TO BE WITH SPIRIT!  So we ought to say, “HELP ME BE WITH YOUR SPIRIT”.  I started doing that and started realizing that if I really wanted to be WITH SPIRIT I needed to discipline my mind.  I think I have lived much of my life going from random thoughts to another, or as I call it, living as if my mind was on SCAN like we can set our car radios!  So I had been desiring to know how I could BE WITH SPIRIT DURING MY DAY, when I found this video on youtube and it has shown me the simple structure of communicating with our Heavenly Father. What I was doing was close, but yet this video just caused that ‘light’ to go on in my mind and I understood the simplicity of what I should do.  I appreciated the beautiful scenes shown on the video, and the soothing music, but for me those things were distracting from the stillness.

I realize that I can do the dialogue and prayer time with God during the day.  After all we are told to PRAY ALWAYS, and I never realized how I could do that, but now I see that I can have a dialogue and prayers with my Father in Heaven as I do my house work or yard work, or as I drive and HIS presence is with me. 

I still have to stop myself when I see my mind wondering, and focus on knowing that FATHER is here with me, and I continue talking to my FATHER. I usually address him as DEAR FATHER, perhaps as one does in a letter, but I liked how the author of the video narrative says, “HELLO FATHER”.  Perhaps I will be saying for some time:  “Hello Father, I’m back with you”, as my mind does get caught up in random thoughts far too often.

Although I can see that I can have my dialogue and prayer time as I go about my day, I will need to find a time when I can relax in body and mind and have my worship and listening and oneness with Father when I am able to find a quiet time so I can achieve STILLNESS.  Sometimes it is when I wake up in the night and then instead of going back to sleep right away I can have quiet time without worrying about the time.

I no longer watch television or listen to the radio, so my time is not wasted as it used to be.   My day is filled with the routine needs of life, and love and service opportunities that come to me.  Life is wonderful, and I am learning to appreciate the things I have learned from the adversity and trials and tribulations that have come into my life.  I have lived a little over eight decades on this earth, so there is at the most two more decades and perhaps less than one to go.  We never know how long our body will last, but how wonderful to be close to FATHER’S SPIRIT as I go through these ‘last days’ of my life. I only wish I had started sooner to live in the STILLNESS of the light of truth, beauty, goodness, love, mercy, righteousness and perfection that Father’s Spirit brings into our lives. 

It is my prayer that these words of the meditation and my own words of putting them into practice will inspire you to reach for Father and be with HIS SPIRIT.